So, what is it that we offer?

Evolve Movement Therapy offers a service dedicated to personal development and well being by paying attention to the Body/Mind.

To find out more about how I work,  you are initially invited to come along, free of charge, for an informal discussion, lasting 30 minutes, so that together, we can assess whether this is the right approach for you.

A typical therapy session would include:

A verbal check in and gentle warm up  – A way of bringing into awareness any tensions held in the body in preparation for the rest of the session.

Exploration – Development of body based themes using imagery and mindful movement, to enhance awareness of habitual patterns and tensions.

Alignment – Making sense of your experience and capturing the essence through movement/gesture and/or in writing/sketching.

Closure – Time to reflect on the content of the session, the connection to your thoughts and feelings and prepare for the next part of your day.