“Deeper awareness of our bodies inevitably leads to deeper awareness of ourselves” (Rosa Shreeves)

How much attention do you pay to your body or how well do you know your body?  Our bodies conform to stress, strain and bad habits and may begin to take on a shape that becomes familiar but that is far removed from our natural state.   It is quite often the case that we are not aware of our body until it alerts us, through pain or discomfort to attend to its needs.

Movement Therapy facilitates an Awareness of the Body that assists people to recognise limiting movement patterns & the effect that has on their sense of well being and performance.


Incorporating a gentle movement practice, supported by relaxation and mindfulness techniques tailored to your needs, can begin a process of release and realignment that will bring you back to a natural state of equilibrium, physically, emotionally and psychologically, promoting a sense of empowerment.

Movement Therapy can help you to create an awareness of:

  • Habitual tensions and how to release them
  • How we position/shape our bodies in different situations
  • How the body responds to life changes
  • The Link between body/mind and emotions

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