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Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP)

Evolve Movement Therapy offers a service dedicated to personal development and well being by paying attention to the Body/Mind.

To find out more about how I work,  you are initially invited to come along, free of charge, for an informal discussion, lasting 30 minutes, so that together, we can assess whether this is the right approach for you.

Dance Movement Psychotherapy is primarily a creative, non verbal therapy, within the framework of a confidential, relational process.  Paying specific attention  to the body, the therapist, will support the client in exploring the inner landscape of the self incorporating movement, somatic sensing  and cognition.

The aim is to effect positive change, improve well being and promote a sense of empowerment in the client’s life, incorporating a process of understanding, development and growth in a variety of contexts including:

  • Alleviating anxiety/depression
  • Bereavement
  • Building self confidence/esteem
  • Developing mental/physical resilience
  • Cultivating personal and creative potential

A typical psychotherapy session would include:

A verbal check in and gentle warm up –   Beginning with a verbal check in, we then incorporate  a short breathing meditation to establish  a connection with, and awareness of, the body/mind. This is followed by an  improvised movement sequence to physically warm up the body, in preparation for the rest of the session. 

Exploration – Development of body based themes through a weaving together of guided imagery, somatic connection and mindful movement, creating space to further connect with the body/mind and work towards an awareness of the whole self and any patterns that may present.

Alignment – Making sense of your experience and capturing the essence through movement/gesture and/or in writing/sketching.

Closure – Time to reflect on the content of the session, the connection to your thoughts and feelings and prepare for the next part of your day.

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Creative Dance and Fitness

IMG_0557I have developed Creative Dance Classes for Older Adults and anyone who is interested in finding the dancer within. Using simple choreography, I guide people through low impact movement, culminating in a short meditation/relaxation. The aim is to improve the participants sense of wellbeing and to increase vitality. Other benefits include:

  • Connection to and building of a social community
  • Improved balance, co ordination and flexibility.
  • A sense of achievement, leading to improved confidence in physical ability.



Personal Development sessions/workshops

These sessions and workshops focus on the individual or group who have a desire to develop an understanding of themselves through body work and gentle, guided improvised movement. Experienced in its own right it can be of benefit in:

  • Creating an understanding of the body/mind as a unit
  • Exploring the self through body systems
  • Creating a curiosity about what “moves” you.
  • Learning the language of your body

12314472_1647630328842704_7851206837766171025_oSome people have found this useful as a pre cursor to Dance Movement Psychotherapy or verbal psychotherapy or even as a support to verbal psychotherapy.