Dance Movement Therapy

Over the years, I have assisted clients from a variety of backgrounds who have experienced the benefits of Movement Therapy. Paying attention to their movement, thinking and feeling  within a confidential,creative, therapeutic space has effected positive change, improved their sense of well being and promoted a sense of empowerment in their lives.

The aim of Movement Therapy is to facilitate a process of understanding, development and growth in a variety of contexts including:

  • Alleviating anxiety/depression
  • Bereavement
  • Building self confidence/esteem
  • Developing mental/physical resilience
  • Cultivating personal and creative potential


Creative Dance and Fitness

I have developed Creative Dance Classes for Older Adults and anyone who is interested in finding the dancer within. Using simple choreography based on the work of Rudolph Laban, I guide people through low impact movement, culminating in a short meditation/relaxation. The aim is to improve the participants sense of wellbeing and to increase vitality. Other benefits include:

  •  Improved balance, co ordination and flexibility.
  •  Involvement in a Community
  •  A sense of achievement, leading to improved confidence in physical ability.